Wyoming Whiskey

Sam Mead picking barrels at the Wyoming Whiskey distillery in Kirby.

Last week, Wyoming Whiskey announced a strategic partnership with the international premium spirits company, Edrington. Edrington owns brands that include The Macallan, Cutty Sark and The Famous Grouse scotch whiskies; Brugal rum and Partida tequila.

The partnership will give Wyoming Whiskey a place alongside some of the most respected whiskies in the world while expanding its distribution across the nation thanks to Edrington’s sales and marketing network.

Wyoming Whiskey will continue to operate as it has, where it has, but the partnership removes

many of the limitations that have thwarted the brand’s national growth.

Born in Kirby, Wyoming Whiskey is a company founded and operated by 4th generation cattle ranchers Brad and Kate Mead. Keeping it in the family, their son Sam Mead is their


With a commitment to traditional bourbon distilling methods and the sourcing non-GMO grains locally, Wyoming Whiskey is true to its name. Corn, winter wheat, winter rye, and malted barley are all grown by Brent and Sherri Rageth, local farmers based in Byron, Wyoming, a short haul from the distillery.

"For decades, I’ve considered The Macallan to be the gold standard of Scotch Whisky . To see WW alongside The Macallan, Highland Park, and the entire lineup at Edrington’s headquarters in New York is still a bit surreal, but I know we’ve earned it.” said Brad Mead, Co-Founder and CEO at Wyoming Whiskey.

Wyoming Whiskey fans can rest assured that all whiskey production will continue in Kirby, all mash bills will use Wyoming grains, and all water will continue to be sourced from the same limestone aquifer in Manderson. Simply put, Wyoming Whiskey will remain the Whiskey of the West, from the West.

“With Edrington, Wyoming Whiskey will be offered opportunities that we could not have achieved on our own. Our brand can now grow nationally without the practical limitations that we faced as a stand-alone distiller." said Co-Founder and COO David DeFazio. “And we are able to do this through a strategic partnership with a company that is aligned with us culturally, not by selling out.”

Chris Spalding, president & CEO Edrington Americas said: “We are excited that Wyoming Whiskey is joining Edrington Americas’ award-winning portfolio. American Whiskey is one of the fastest growing premium spirit categories in the USA, itself the largest premium spirits market in the world. Wyoming Whiskey holds its own against the nation’s finest. The brand has been acclaimed by national spirits experts who can attest that world class whiskey is being made out on the Wyoming frontier. We are proud to be playing our part in helping more consumers discover the quality of this outstanding American Whiskey.”

Wyoming Whiskey’s flagship product is their Small Batch Bourbon. In addition, the craft distiller offers

Outryder Straight American Whiskey, Single Barrel Bourbon, Barrel Strength Bourbon, Double Cask sherry-finished bourbon and a few limited release, special edition whiskey offerings which can be seen here.

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