Stardate April 1st, 2021, or April Fool’s Day, as we like to call it. It’s certainly fun to play a joke on an unsuspecting friend or group – laughs all around, great humor.

However, beyond the laughter lurks a joke being played upon the citizens of Wyoming. This charade isn’t funny and is no rib-tickler.

Briefly, a joke's anatomy:

The Lead: Coal, oil, gas – fossil fuels power Wyoming and will make us great again.

The Hook: Our elected officials are suing other states and the federal government, wasting time, fooling themselves by thinking the deck is stacked in Wyoming’s favor. The facts are, the upfront costs of mining, shipping, exploration, the recurring costs of labor, maintenance and the HUGE amounts of water needed will continue to grow! Don’t forget uranium – anybody heard of Fukushima Daiichi or Chernobyl? They say the third time is a charm.

The Punch Line: So go plug your electric car into your windmill and shut up!

Hilarities aside, the facts is our elected officials know the path to the future. They just continue to further the banter with their “let them eat cake” drollery, in effect to “(carbon) capture” your vote.

Seriously, look at what our Legislature accomplished this session – a bunch of humorless repartee.

What is needed is an adaptive version of the Three Stooges routine of pulling a chair out from underneath the person as they sit down.

Nineteenth and 20th century ideas are not the future. We have a choice to make, tough it is, but make it now. Wyoming, its citizens can be part of the future. We have it in us!

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