Mark Gordon and Wyoming legislators,

Before you go off half-cocked (that's a gun reference, to keep you reading) about “Coal Plants To Retire Early” (WTE, Oct. 5), you may want to pick up a copy of “Solar Dividends – How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income for Everyone on Earth” (Sandstone Publishing, 2019) by Robert Stayton.

Or, more easily and at no cost, URL yourself on over to for some reassurance that all is not lost.

People who read, who have global vision, empathy and understanding have known for quite some time that world demand for fossil fuels will come to a screeching halt. Won't want 'em, won't need 'em.

Kudos to PacifiCorp and other progressive power companies for taking bold steps into new technology and infrastructure that will keep us living longer on our only planet, and end the increasingly meaningless endeavor of scraping and sucking out Wyoming's innards just to keep the lights on, the beer cold and the pickup running.

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