As the state is facing a decline in available funds for public projects, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center thinks nothing of planning a remodel at a cost of $30 million. They have come up with a way to raise funds.

I was in a car accident on June 29, 2019. Due to the circumstances of the accident, the Department of Transportation needed my regular doctor to do a physical exam, and complete and return a form to them. Unfortunately my doctor’s schedule could not fit me in, so I saw his PA (big mistake).

She did not have enough confidence in her own opinion, and decided to require me to see a neurologist. Because she notified the DOT that it was her opinion I needed a neurological exam (even though my exam with her was completely normal), the DOT required a cardiological exam, as well.

Prior to beginning my heart stress test, I asked what the marks on my EKG were showing. They told me they are called PCPs (extra heart beats). This is completely normal, as one in two people have PCPs. I did great on the stress test (having to go to level 4, which is unusual). Then, I had my appointment with the PA in neurology. She said all looked good and cleared me.

Then the doctor wanted to meet me. Knowing nothing about me and not being present for the test made the decision to require an EEG (completely unnecessary; however, it made the hospital more money!). During the EEG, there were two leads to my heart that showed PCPs (already diagnosed!). So, neurology required me to wear a Holter heart monitor (again, completely unnecessary, as I had already been diagnosed with PCPs!).

These tests, when I am able to get them paid off, will be almost $10,000 (you see, I hadn’t had my insurance long enough, so all these costs will come out of my pocket). I think I have made my contribution to the $30 million remodel in unnecessary expensive tests! I have completely lost my faith in the doctors at CRMC!

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