Dear people of Cheyenne,

Please put your masks back on. COVID is still out there. People are still getting sick people are still dying. We need to protect those people who are still vulnerable.

Younger people are now being affected. Over 88,000 children have gotten COVID, some with longterm damage to their lungs, hearts and brains. Some require longterm therapies; others have died.

Even those who are vaccinated could still contract COVID, and we don't know yet if we can expose others who have not been vaccinated. You are not invincible. I'm sure the firefighter we just lost thought he could handle COVID.

Governor Gordon lifted the mandate, but he didn't say it isn't still a good idea to wear a mask, practice social distancing or practice safety. He just wouldn't mandate it. I guess he had hoped we would still use common sense.

We need to keep schools open, so I hope the schools will still require masks. Sometimes we need to do things we are not comfortable with for the good of others.

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