Cal Thomas’ “Ukraine is a political rerun for Democrats” is full of misconceptions. He asserts Trump is not a racist “given the spectacular increase in minority employment.” I could also say that white unemployment went down because Trump is a white supremacist.

The whistleblower may only have had secondhand knowledge of the phone call, but he/she communicated with many who had firsthand knowledge, and the “transcript” of the conversation corroborates the whistleblower’s allegations (i.e., original source information backs up his writing).

Since the complaint is well written, it couldn’t have been made by a CIA agent. Some people can be good writers in addition to their primary occupation (e.g., Robin Cook, medical doctor and mystery writer). The whistleblower did contact the House Intelligence Committee “for guidance on how to report ‘possible wrongdoing,’” which is common procedure in such a case. And “according to Patrick Boland, a spokesman for the Intelligence Committee’s chairman '… at no point did the committee review or receive the complaint in advance.’”

Thomas also says what Trump allegedly did is not an impeachable offense. Frank Bowman, a professor of law, states, “a president may not use the power of his office to request, induce, inveigle, coerce or extort another country into doing things primarily to benefit the president’s electoral hopes.” (

If the Trump administration does not think this is an impeachable offense, why did Pompeo originally appear “to deny knowledge of the … whistleblower complaint” and later admit “he listened in on the call?” (

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