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CHEYENNE – A man who pleaded guilty to threatening household members with a bat and a knife was sentenced Monday afternoon in Laramie County District Court.

Laramie County District Judge Thomas Campbell sentenced Paul Hernandez Palomo to three years of supervised probation with a suspended sentence of four to five years of incarceration, along with 320 days of credit for time served. The sentence aligned with recommendations laid out in a plea agreement signed by the state and the defendant.

Palomo previously pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and battery-threatening with a weapon as part of the plea agreement. An additional charge, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, was dismissed at sentencing.

Campbell also found that Palomo is an addicted offender, and ordered him to complete treatment and any follow-up counseling, along with other conditions for supervised probation.

The judge’s order for supervised probation went against a pre-sentence investigation, in which an agent recommended prison time and wrote that Palomo was not an appropriate candidate for probation.

“I weigh those agents’ recommendations so heavily that, as you leave here today, the reason you’re walking out of this hearing instead of being here and into custody is the state has made this agreement,” Campbell said. “They have found that it’s worth a chance, if this is your first felony – despite a considerable history, some of which is violent.”

Laramie County District Attorney Leigh Anne Manlove said Palomo has “an extensive substance abuse history,” but that the aggravated assault and battery conviction was his first felony. She also pointed out that, although Palomo had threatened individuals with a knife, “no one was injured beyond just a superficial scratch.”

“Certainly the facts tend to fall on the side of the less egregious kind of conduct than what we sometimes see,” Manlove said.

Palomo’s attorney, Ericka Smith, reiterated Manlove’s remarks, adding that she had seen a change in Palomo during the time she’d known him. Smith said Palomo had stopped drinking and changed his thought processes.

“I just see a man who’s now working on a relationship with his daughter, and doing positive things that maybe I didn’t see out of him when I was originally assigned this case,” Smith said.

“I think it’s time to give him an opportunity – he certainly knows that, if he fails, where he’s headed.”

Palomo himself apologized to “everyone” and said he was “taking the steps to change my life around.”

According to court documents:

At 1:02 p.m. Oct. 26, 2018, a Cheyenne Police officer responded to a report of domestic violence. Upon arrival, a woman told the officer that her boyfriend, Palomo, threatened her, her sons and a cousin who was at the residence after he came home intoxicated and smelling of marijuana. Palomo said he would “kick their asses,” and picked up a bat and threatened to hurt all of them.

The woman tried to calm Palomo, and he threatened to “knock her out.” Palomo then got into an altercation with two of the men who were present, resulting in injuries to one of them. The woman’s sister separated the men, but Palomo then threatened all of them with a knife.

During Palomo’s arrest, two glass pipes and three baggies containing marijuana were found.

Also heard in district court Monday:

Jordon Nicklos Lucero pleaded not guilty to felony theft and misdemeanor interference with a peace officer. Campbell scheduled his trial for May 10.

Lucero was also scheduled to be sentenced in three other felony cases, but all were reset for a future date.

Lucero previously pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and battery with bodily injury with a deadly weapon and felony burglary as part of a plea agreement, which stemmed from a July 2019 incident. He has also been charged with felony theft and felony receiving stolen property in two separate cases for incidents that allegedly occurred on June 6.

Hannah Black is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s criminal justice reporter. She can be reached at or 307-633-3128. Follow her on Twitter at @hannahcblack.

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