CHEYENNE – The Laramie County Conservation District and Cheyenne LEADS have announced the next step in their ongoing partnership to preserve an important nature area in Cheyenne Business Parkway.

The project started with an idea that undevelopable acreage could be a hidden asset, and evolved into a partnership that is creating Cheyenne’s largest managed natural park. LEADS and the Conservation District have entered into agreements that will enable the district to build a new headquarters while providing for the long-term development and management of important wetland, riparian and upland habitats in the lower Dry Creek watershed in southeast Cheyenne.

“With this partnership, we are creating a highly desirable amenity in the business park, while demonstrating important urban wetland management and preserving wildlife habitat,” Cheyenne LEADS CEO Randy Bruns said in a news release. “It is great to see industrial development and natural preservation co-existing.”

The Cheyenne Business Park Natural Area, spanning more than 134 acres, is currently owned by Cheyenne LEADS and located in the Cheyenne Business Parkway. It is perhaps the only physically unimpacted natural floodplain on Dry Creek left in Cheyenne.

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