Joseph, 17, who likes to go by “Joey,” is as caring as can be! It has been said that he has a huge heart, and often seeks opportunities to help others.

When Damien can be outside, he loves dancing and playing with his friends! This outdoor enthusiast is happiest when soaking up the sun. If you need another player for kickball, this guy is kno…

Amaya, 15, is an intelligent and insightful young lady. For this teen, making friends comes as second nature, and she enjoys the company of younger and same-aged peers.

If being silly and having fun is on the top of your list, then Kaleb, 13, is a kindred spirit! One of his favorite ways to have fun includes building with Lego bricks. When Kaleb isn’t constru…

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Frigid temperatures can discourage even the most motivated exercisers. Without motivation, it’s easy to pack away your workout gear for the winter. But you don’t have to let cold weather spell the end of your fitness routine. Try these tips for exercising during cold weather to stay fit, mot… Read more

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No era in the history of the United States has been so scrutinized as the four years when brother fought brother over the issues of self-government and slavery. So it’s fair to ask whether journalist S.C. Gwynne’s new book, “Hymns of the Republic: The Story of the Final Year of the American … Read more