Husband and wife duo Mark and Sara Madrid, performing under the name 13:34, will release their debut EP next weekend. Courtesy

There was never much of a question of whether they should play music together.

As a happily married couple, Mark Madrid and Sara Madrid have wildly different musical backgrounds. Mark Madrid has spent a number of years performing in various local bands, such as playing drums for a time in the Josh Gonzales Band and even fronting his own rock group, Path to Persona.

On the other hand, Sara Madrid comes from a more classical background, performing in various local choirs, the Capital Chorale and the Laramie County Community College’s cantorei.

The couple’s love of music was one of the many things that brought them together. Sara Madrid even noted that their first date consisted of them driving around Cheyenne, listening to music in her future husband’s car.

After they married, they wanted to continue pursuing music, since they were both so passionate about it. But they were trying to figure out the best way to approach a new project.

“I’ve been a Christian for a long time and had an awakening,” Mark Madrid said. “I realized that all of my previous musical projects had been more about pride and me being a rock star than my ultimate goal, which is more about worshiping God.”

Their Christian faith was another major element in their relationship, and the Madrids wanted to find a way to share this pure, unadulterated joy in God with the rest of the world.

Which is how 13:34 came to be.

Their name comes from a Scripture verse, John 13:34: “A new command I give to you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

For the Madrids, love comes in numerous forms: love for your partner, love for your friends, love for your music and love for God.

“We believe a love without Christ is a love not completely realized,” Mark Madrid said. “We feel like this is a huge responsibility as Christians. If you don’t believe enough to tell everyone about it, do you really believe it?”

They want to share all of these ideas about love, faith and much more when they release their debut extended play, “Methods and Practices,” next weekend. The album will be released next Saturday, and the couple will also perform a free show at the Dunlevy Family Band Studios. Anyone interested can buy copies of the CD there.

While faith is a major theme on the album, the couple is quick to point out that the songs aren’t just “faith and worship” tunes. They want to reach a wide audience – believers and non-believers alike.

They compared their music to artists like Switchfoot, the Rocket Summer or Flylea. They’re definitely not shy about their Christian faith, but someone who prefers secular music could absolutely enjoy their songs.

“We have songs with messages that are geared toward Christ, but we don’t want to be abstract with our morality,” Mark Madrid said. “Our lyrical themes are directed around God and Christ. There’s no confusion. We need to be understood. But Jesus hung out with sinners, and we want to do that. We want to let people know how much God loves them.”

For those who can’t make the album release party next weekend, “Methods and Practices” is available for purchase for $10 at Phoenix Books and Music or online on iTunes, Google Play or through the Madrids’ website, www.1334music.com.

Ellen Fike is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s features editor. She can be reached at 307-633-3135 or efike@wyomingnews.com. Follow her on Twitter at @EllenLFike.

Ellen Fike is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s features editor. She can be reached at efike@wyomingnews.com or 307-633-3135. Follow her on Twitter @EllenLFike

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